Where to find my work

I'm delighted to share that my artwork can be found at several beautiful locations in Suffolk. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere, complementing my pieces in their own special way.

The Greyhound, Lavenham
A cozy restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying art alongside refined selection of small plates.

The Nook, Lavenham
A charming local coffeeshop / bookshop that showcases my work in a quaint, welcoming setting.

The Hub, Lavenham
A information centre of activity where my art adds to the lively ambiance.

Lion House Gallery, Lavenham
An art-focused space where my pieces are displayed alongside other local talents.

Ivy & Bond, Long Melford
A traditional coffeeshop and tearoom of which I designed the branding for. My art complements the eclectic collection of items on sale.

The Swan, Lawshall
A traditional pub setting where you can enjoy my artwork in a relaxed, friendly environment.

The Six Bells, Horringer
A picturesque pub offering a great backdrop for my artwork, perfect for a leisurely viewing.

Court News, Bury St Edmunds
A bustling local newsagent and party specialists where my work adds an artistic touch to the everyday scene.

Each of these venues holds a selection of my work, from the Suffolk Collection linocuts to watercolour landscapes and seascapes. I invite you to visit these locations to experience my art in person and enjoy the unique atmospheres they offer.

Interested in Featuring My Artwork?

Are you a local business owner or curator looking to add a touch of Suffolk's charm to your space? I'm always excited to explore new partnerships and opportunities to display and stock my artwork. If you're interested in bringing a unique artistic flair to your venue, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Contact me at shop@rikbarwick.studio to discuss how we can collaborate to create an engaging and beautiful space with my artwork.