Collection: Original Watercolour Paintings

Immerse yourself in a world where every brushstroke tells a story and every hue captures an emotion. My collection of Original Watercolour Paintings is an invitation to experience art in its most authentic form, where each piece is a unique testament to my artistic journey.

The Art of Watercolour: Techniques & Inspirations

When I was at art college I took a watercolour evening class and enjoyed and frustrated by the watercolour medium. I have tried using other paints; gouache and acrylics but watercolour gave me a sense of the unknown which I found exciting - especially when using wet-on-wet techniques. 

Storm Essence Abstract - Original Watercolour Painting by The Rik Barwick Studio


Wet-on-wet watercolour technique

This is when you use watered down pigments on already damp or wet paper to create flow and blends. A lot of my backgrounds use this technique as it allows me to be truly creative and out of control. The sky in “Weathering The Stormy Seas” is a great example of this as you can see the pigments moving on the page to give the impression of the impending storm.

Shop Weathering the Stormy Seas


Brushstrokes and Textures: Bringing Paintings to Life

I’ve always found storms thrilling - I used to be scared of the wind but thrilled by the extremities of what the world throws at us. You can see this in my more stormy landscapes and sketchbook work. Some of the brushstroke techniques in the painting “Sea of second Chances” use large hake brushes to sweep wet pigment lightly over the surface to layer rain and sea textures - it’s a light delicate technique that creates such drama!.

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Last Stand of the Sun - Original Watercolour Painting by The Rik Barwick Studio


Suffolk Landscapes: Capturing Local Beauty

I was born by the sea but raised in rural Suffolk. I love both the sea and countryside and especially the rural way of living and the community. Holidays old and new are usually spent in the water either surfing or snorkelling. These experiences growing up, raising my own children and still finding nature good for my soul reflects in my work.

Last Stand Of The Sun - A Suffolk Landscape Painting

This landscape watercolour was originally captured cycling home from my studio one winter's evening. I was amazed by the light going down in it's blaze of glory being succumbed by the impending darkness. This uses wet-on-wet techniques to blend pigments to create the sunset.

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