Collection: The Suffolk Collection - Limited Edition Linocut Prints

Celebrating Suffolk's Architecture Through Print.

A collection of limited edition hand-pulled linocuts depicting Suffolk's historical architecture. Including buildings such as The Crooked House in Lavenham, Orfordness Lighthouse, Ickworth House Rotunda and many more.

Celebrating Suffolk's Architecture Through Print

Step into a journey that celebrates Suffolk's rich architectural legacy through the age-old art of linocutting. I've channeled my admiration for Suffolk's heritage into each print, capturing the essence of iconic landmarks and rendering them in striking detail.

Hand-Pulled Perfection
Every linocut in this collection is hand-pulled, bearing the mark of authenticity and the artist's touch. From the enchanting curves of The Crooked House in Lavenham to the towering majesty that was Orfordness Lighthouse and the neoclassical splendor of Ickworth House Rotunda - this series pays homage to Suffolk's architectural marvels.

Limited Edition Linocuts
Each print is not just an artwork but a limited edition collectible, celebrating Suffolk's timeless structures in a medium as enduring as the landmarks themselves.

Discover the architectural wonders of Suffolk, immortalised in print, only at The Rik Barwick Studio.