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Rik Barwick Studio

Abstract Highlands - Original Watercolour Painting

Abstract Highlands - Original Watercolour Painting

An Original Abstract Painting

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Abstract Highlands: A Journey Through Watercolour

'Abstract Highlands' is an abstract landscape watercolour painting, a serene meditation on the majesty of mountainous terrains. This original landscape watercolour artwork weaves a tapestry of cool and warm tones, marrying deep blues with soft greys, and contrasting them with vivid rust and gentle rose hues. The interplay of these colours on the canvas brings forth the timeless allure of peaks caressed by the dawn or dusk light. It's not merely a painting; it's an emotional odyssey that invites admirers to reflect on the silent grandeur of these natural monoliths.

The Fluidity of Colour: My Wet-on-Wet Technique

My journey with 'Abstract Highlands' has been one of exploration and discovery, guided by the wet-on-wet watercolour technique's fluid spontaneity. This method grants life to the pigments, letting them mingle on paper in an organic symphony, reminiscent of the wind-swept highlands themselves. The chosen palette mirrors the multifaceted spirit of the mountains, with deep blues echoing the profound valleys and warm rusts depicting the sun-touched summits. Every brushstroke and melding of hues is my homage to the mountains' perpetual murmur, a narrative without utterance.

Transforming Spaces with Abstract Art

As an artist, I am convinced of art's capacity to transform environments and touch hearts. 'Summit Whispers' is the fruition of such belief, born from a desire to infuse spaces with a piece of the dramatic, emotive essence of the natural world. This original landscape watercolour painting beckons viewers to immerse in the fascinating realm of abstract art, promising both visual enchantment and a connection to the formidable force of nature. For art collectors and abstract art aficionados alike, may this piece stir your spirit and bestow upon your space a distinctive, transformative presence.

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Abstract Highlands - Original Watercolour Painting by The Rik Barwick Studio

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  • 21cm x 30cm

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Paper Details:
Cold pressed, hand stretched 240gsm paper

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Original Painting