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Rik Barwick Studio

Last Stand of the Sun - Original Watercolour Painting

Last Stand of the Sun - Original Watercolour Painting

A Suffolk Landscape Painting

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"Last Stand of the Sun" is a serene watercolour painting of a winter sunset over the expansive Suffolk landscape. The central focus is a single crack of the setting sun, a glow that is just visible yet compelling. This is a quiet and peaceful scene, where the simplicity of the landscape is heightened by the minimal textures achieved through layers of gently washed watercolour.

The palette consists primarily of phthalo blue mixed with a light red shade, raw sienna, cadmium red and burnt umber. These colours imbue the scene with an inky duskiness, against which the sun makes its last, futile yet awe-inspiring stand. The result is a gentle play of light that contrasts against the dark sky and the silhouette of the flat, broad landscape.

In essence, 'Last Stand of the Sun' is not just a landscape painting, but a metaphorical representation of resistance, however brief or ultimately futile. The landscape seems to expand under the fight of the setting sun, suggesting that beauty can be found in transience, and that the ephemeral can sometimes be the most poignant.

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Last Stand of the Sun - Original Watercolour Painting by The Rik Barwick Studio

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  • 21cm x 30cm

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Cold pressed, hand stretched 240gsm paper

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Original Painting