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Rik Barwick Studio

Sea Of Second Chances - Original Watercolour Painting

Sea Of Second Chances - Original Watercolour Painting

Semi-Abstract Seascape

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Embrace the captivating allure of the open sea with this enchanting 20cm x 26cm semi-abstract seascape. Painted with a palette inspired by nature's most powerful moods, this piece artfully combines hues of cobalt blue, lemon yellow, ultramarine mixed with light red, and a touch of Payne's grey. The stormy sky, emphasised by sheets of rain, dominates the composition, while a dash of cobalt turquoise and gouache white breathes life into the roiling sea below.

This mesmerising watercolour artwork is meticulously crafted using Windsor & Newton paints on 200lb cotton cold-pressed paper that's been hand-stretched. The sea, humble yet teeming with energy, is brought to life with broad strokes from wide hake brushes. An innovative touch of a razor blade captures the sparkle of light reflecting off the water surface, presenting a visual spectacle that's both raw and magical.

"Sea Of Second Chances" is more than just a painting; it's a testament to my creative journey and the transformative power of perseverance. Almost abandoned midway, it stands now as a cherished piece that speaks volumes about resilience, hope, and the beauty of unexpected outcomes.

This artwork comes mounted but unframed, giving you the freedom to choose a frame that matches your aesthetic preference. I recommend using a professional framer and pair this with a large neutral white mounting mat and an off-black frame to accentuate the subtle tones in the sky. Opt for non-reflective glass to preserve the intricate details of this piece.


The artwork is securely wrapped and shipped via courier to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Embrace this inspiring seascape that intertwines the beauty of nature with human emotion, and let it be a striking statement in your space, reminding you of the resilience and hope it embodies.

Framing Option

If you would like this painting professionally framed please let me know what colour frame you'd like and I'll source the frame and make the arrangements for you. Please note this will add a further 2-3 weeks to the turnaround time.

Order now to add this piece to your collection. It's not just a painting; it's a story of overcoming and a beacon of hope, ready to be part of your narrative.

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Sea Of Second Chances - Original Watercolour Painting by The Rik Barwick Studio

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  • 20cm x 26cm

Framing Options:

  • Mounted Ready to Frame
  • Bespoke Framing Available

Paper Details:
200lb cotton cold-pressed paper

Printing Process:

Prints in Edition:
Original Painting


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