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Rik Barwick Studio

Springtime Tulips, Limited Edition Lino Print

Springtime Tulips, Limited Edition Lino Print

Lino Print of Springtime Tulips: A Tribute to Everlasting Support

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Dive into the vibrant hues of spring with this exquisite lino print, capturing a bunch of radiant red tulips, beautifully bound with a touch of gold. This piece isn't just a testament to artistic prowess but holds a deep, personal sentiment.


This artwork is more than just a visual treat; it's a heartfelt tribute. Originating from a simple doodle as I reminisced about my supportive wife during the lockdown, this print is laden with symbolism. The five tulips, with two in the background nurturing the three in the forefront, symbolise our family—two parents lovingly supporting three sons. I envisioned a timeless tribute for my wife, something unfading like her love for tulips.

Intricate Printing Process

Employing the intricate reduction technique, each print in this edition tells a tale of dedication. I meticulously carved away at the block across several days, between every print, enhancing the depth and varied tones of the image. With five distinct layers, the result is a masterpiece of subtlety and depth.

Limited Edition & Authenticity

With only 14 prints in this edition, every piece guarantees the authentic touch of the artist. The progressive carving of the block across layers ensures each print's uniqueness and originality.

A Perfect Gift

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or a simple gesture to show appreciation, this print is bound to brighten any space—be it kitchens, bedrooms, or offices. Let it speak to you and convey a message of love, support, and timeless beauty.

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Springtime Tulips, Limited Edition Lino Print by The Rik Barwick Studio

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Safe-Wash Oil Based Inks


  • 18cm x 24cm

Framing Options:

  • Mounted ready to frame

Paper Details:
Acid Free Heavyweight Printers Paper

Printing Process:
Lino Print by Reduction

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Personalisation Available

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