Collection: Limited Edition Lino Prints

Celebrating the Art of Traditional Printmaking

Step into the world of my hand-pulled linocut artistry with my exclusive collection of Lino Prints. Every piece is a testimony to the time-honored craft, brought to life using an antique bookbinding press and traditional tools that emphasise the essence of authenticity.

Lino Prints: Hand-Pulled Artistry & Tradition

A Personal Touch in Each Print
Each lino print is a unique work of art, reflecting the nuances of the hand-pulled process. I take immense pride in personally signing and numbering every piece, ensuring that what you receive is not just an art print, but a part of my artistic journey.

Quality and Longevity
Crafted with safe oil-based inks, known for their exceptional archival properties, every print promises to stand the test of time. They come mounted with acid-free backing boards and mounts, ensuring your artwork remains pristine and is ready to be framed, displayed, and cherished.

Experience the magic of traditional printmaking and find a piece that resonates with your aesthetic, exclusively at The Rik Barwick Studio.