What is Hahnemühle Paper?

The Art of Choice: Why Hahnemühle Paper Elevates My Prints

When it comes to art, every detail matters. From the stroke of a brush to the type of medium used, each aspect plays a role in the final masterpiece. One often-overlooked detail in art reproduction is the quality of paper used for prints. That’s why I've chosen Hahnemühle paper for my art prints, and in this blog post, I want to share the reasons behind this choice.

The Importance of Paper in Art Reproductions

The paper is the canvas for art prints. Just as artists wouldn't compromise on paint quality, the quality of paper is paramount in how the art is presented and preserved. The right paper can capture the essence of the original artwork, from the subtle textures to the vibrancy of the colours.

What Makes Hahnemühle Paper Unique

Hahnemühle has been in the business of creating fine art paper for more than 400 years. What sets it apart is its commitment to quality and innovation. Its papers are acid-free, archival quality, and designed to last for generations. Whether artists choose it for printing photographs, digital art, or traditional media, Hahnemühle has a variety of papers that cater to every artist’s needs.

My Sustainable Choice: Bamboo Paper

As artists, we have a responsibility towards the environment. Hahnemühle Bamboo paper not only provides superb quality but also ensures that I'm making an environmentally conscious choice. Made from bamboo fibres a rapidly renewable resource, this paper option reduces the strain on our planet's valuable resources.

Why I Choose Hahnemühle Paper for My Art Prints

I’ve experimented with various types of paper for my art prints, but nothing comes close to Hahnemühle in terms of quality and sustainability. The warm tone and smooth surface bring my artworks to life in a way that other papers simply can't.


Choosing Hahnemühle paper for my art prints was a deliberate decision aimed at providing the best quality and sustainability for my customers. It captures the nuances of my art perfectly while ensuring that the print will last for generations.

Be sure to have a look at my collection of art prints which are of course printed on the finest paper by Hahnemühle.


What is Hahnemühle Paper? by The Rik Barwick Studio
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