Now Showing at The Greyhound, Lavenham

I'm excited to announce that a selection from my Suffolk Collection is now available for viewing and purchase at The Greyhound, a distinguished English Inn in Lavenham, celebrated for its comfortable, casual, and refined dining​​. This collection is a tribute to Suffolk's iconic architecture, featuring limited edition hand-pulled linocuts that bring the county's architectural heritage to life​​.

Each piece in the Suffolk Collection is a journey through Suffolk's rich architectural legacy, meticulously crafted through the age-old art of linocutting. From the enchanting wonkiness of The Crooked House in Lavenham to the memory that was the Orfordness Lighthouse and the neoclassical elegance of the Ickworth House Rotunda, each print is a hand-pulled work of art, bearing the mark of authenticity and my personal touch​​.

Prints on show at The Greyhound


These limited edition linocuts are not just artworks but collectibles, celebrating Suffolk's timeless structures. They are displayed alongside some of my watercolour seascapes and landscapes, creating a unique blend of local heritage and natural beauty.

The Greyhound, nestled on the picturesque High Street of Lavenham (97 HIGH ST, LAVENHAM, CO10 9PZ)​​, provides the perfect backdrop for these works. With its open fire and intimate atmosphere, it's a must-visit this winter. Enjoy their Sunday Lunch menu featuring local roast beef, pork, chicken, and vegetarian options​​, and immerse yourself in an artful experience.



Now Showing at The Greyhound, Lavenham by The Rik Barwick Studio
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